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1. Project Description

Short name: GATE
Type: Coin


2. Project Introduction

Gatecoin is a project created by miners for miners. Gatecoin is a coin that is intended to be mined and to provide miners, how is this? Well, our organization is divided into two, Gatecoin and Gatemining, Gatecoin is the currency itself that has the following specifications: Name: Gatecoin Ticket: GATE Algorithm: Blake-256r8 (Finalist candidate for SHA-3) GPU/FPGA Max Supply: 10 Millons Block Time: 10 Minutes Block Reward: 50 GATE Halving: 2 Years Diff Retarget: Every Block! (CPU/GPU/FPGA Friendly) DGW Coin Matury: 4 Hours(24 blocks) Premine: 1% Only for start producing miners on GateMining and pay a good exchange for our investors Smiley Well, those were the details of Gatecoin, now let's talk about GateMining, it is an organization formed by the creators of Gatecoin to produce miners, we will start with an FPGA miner with USB connection (not ethernet) and friendly with the environment, we will use Xilinx FPGAs, which are the FPGAs with the best performance / consumption ratio on the market. These miners can be bought with GATE or with BTC, production will begin when the Gatecoin market volume grows and we can sell the premine little by little to produce the first miners and sell them to the public. The miners for now will support the algorithms Blake-256r8, SHA3Solidity (0xBTC), and others but they are not confirmed yet. The idea is to create a safe cycle where you can make a small investment, buy a Gatecoin miner and after a while (depending on the difficulty of mining and Gatecoin price) you can buy another miner and continue until you have your little mining operation.

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