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1. Project Description

Short name: GOLD
Type: Coin


2. Project Introduction

Our Mission: Our Mission is to make a rare cryptocurrency that is seen as a collectible coin for long term investment just like GOLD.That can be mined on your Home Computer. In uncertain times individuals, Business and Governments stockpile reserves of GOLD. However GOLD is difficult for small scale investors to purchase and store safely. This is the cryptocurrency alternative our Business model is designed for long term substantial growth. That offers stability in uncertain times. We plan to mirror Gold's demand and rarity by having a small max supply of coins, also a low block reward. Furthermore we plan to make partnerships with gold merchants so that GOLD Cash could be used to buy real physical Gold. We aim to reach this high goal in 2023. This would effectively make virtual cryptocurrency mining actual precious Metal mining. Investors and miners are welcome to join the ever-growing friendly community built around GOLD. How Is Gold Cash Different? So the question is what makes Gold Cash different? Well, to start we are not trying to do what is already been done we already have coins built for fast transactions and low fees for example dogecoin. Gold Cash is trying to go a different direction and build a crypto asset that is 110 times rarer than bitcoin due to its max supply of only 200,000 GOLD. This creates one of the most scarce cryptocurrency. Making a great asset for investment due to its potential increase in value with demand. In the first 2 years, there will only be 100,000 GOLD to be mined making now the best time for both miners and investors. But the beauty in Gold Cash is it can be mined with even your home computer making it easy for anyone to mine some GOLD due to the mining algorithm being Yescrypt R16 the Orignal Elicoin algorithm which makes both CPU and GPUs a level plain field when mining.

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