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1. Project Description

Short name: SWING
Type: Coin


2. Project Introduction

Q: Who is the dev? What's up! I'm _Crypto. I've got a few handles that I go by. On bitcointalk I'm MurderousKirk. In IRC I'm _Crypto. In slack I'm IAm_Crypto. On twitter I'm @CryptoPumpInfo, where I'm known for occasionally pointing out blatant pump and dumps still in the accumulation stage. I run the cryptocommunity slack group where 545+ users have sighed up and chat / lurk daily. The only coins I have made prior to this are Greed and GE. Q: What is the max supply? 40 mil. But it will take quite some time to reach that. Q: How can I get in contact with you? The fastest way to reach me is with a DM on slack or twitter. Q: How can I figure out what reward to expect? So basically, POS rewards = 1% of the last 3 digits of the block count. POW is the same, only there is a multiplier. It's factored by taking the number in the thousandth place and multiplying it by 10, and the result is the percentage of POS miners get. I need to come up with a way to explain it better but the chart should help. So for example, on block 8532: POS reward = 5.32 POW reward = 80% of 5.32 = 4.256 The only deviation is when the thousandth place is 0. Rather than have miners earn nothing they earn 100%. Q: What is HiPos? It's not very well documented, but from what I've gathered the only difference between HiPos and POS is that in HiPos your weight does not stop building after it hits your coin count. So if you have 10 coins and keep them offline for months, when you come back you will have 10 weight in POS coins, and more weight in HiPos that allows you to help get your fair share that you missed. HiPos also allows for some strategic locking and unlocking that was more relevant in Greed and GE than Swing. Q: How long does it take my coins to mature and start staking? About five minutes. (Unless you have a really small amount, then it might take longer.)

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