1. Deposits

a) My deposit is not visible in my account.

- Please make sure you deposit to the correct address and coins. Often the coins are named alike. You can check exactly what coin you are depositing into here: https://stakecenter.co/client/coininfo

- Only deposit from your wallet, deposits from pools and from another trading account may not be detected by the system. If you want to transfer coins to another account, you can use STC codes: https://stakecenter.co/client/stccode (page available after logging in). We do not charge for the use of codes.

- Pending deposits can be found here: https://stakecenter.co/client/depositsh/1/5  On discord (depositinfo channel) will also be visible. 


2. Withdrawals

a) My coins have not been paid out.

- Make sure to confirm the withdrawal by clicking on the link sent to your email address. Withdrawal can only be confirmed on the same device and browser from which it was requested. 

- Withdrawals from a cold wallet are processed to 24-48 hours. You can check the transaction status here : https://stakecenter.co/client/depositsh/1/2

- For security reasons, if the withdrawal address is different from the previous withdrawal, it will be delayed by 2 days. If you don't want to wait 2 days. Cancel the withdrawal and send it again to the address you have already used. It is displayed as in the example below:

if this is your first withdrawal of a given coin, it will not be delayed


3. Staking

a) What do I have to do to get a POS block reward?

- All you have to do is deposit coins to the exchange. Coins in the account and in offers receive reward from block. You can see your shares and status here: https://stakecenter.co/client/dashboard . Updated every 1 hour.

b) I have shares, but I didn't get a block reward.

- Each POS coin has different settings. Finding the block is not up to us. You can find the status of POS coins here: https://stakecenter.co/client/lastrewards . Compare the time of the last block with the time when you should get the reward (the time is shown in the dashboard).

- Only POS coin staking. Coins POW (like bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin) is only trade.

Last updated: March 05, 2021

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